How Do I Determine If I Need A Virtual CIO?

Most small to mid-sized businesses struggle to add technology strategy to goals and objectives, as they can stretch the limits of an already burdened management team. A Virtual CIO can provide the expertise and strategic thinking needed for today’s business at a lower cost than hiring a full-time leader.

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Ask yourself these questions:

Do my current technology selections allow us to scale for the next 5, 10 years?

What technologies are available to help us become more efficient, productive, and profitable?

Are we prepared for a disaster or cybersecurity event?

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If your business struggles with managing your technology strategy, a Virtual CIO can alleviate the stress.

Aligning Your IT Strategy With Your Business Strategy

Technology is a critical part of a business’s operations, often necessary to remain competitive. Having an executive-level, strategically-minded CIO benefits most companies but usually is not feasible at the full-time CIO salary.  Our BlueArmor Virtual CIOs fill this critical void in most leadership teams, providing technology and risk strategy to your business.

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Here are some of the ways BlueArmor Virtual CIOs are serving our clients:

We help align technology solution selections with revenue, headcount, and other growth goals.

We help provide recommendations for reducing business risk.

We review technology trends likely to impact the business with recommendations.

We help translate technical information to business terminology with associated business impact.

We help align technology solution selections with financial goals and budgets.

We help prepare for and execute a disaster recovery situation.

We properly plan and manage technology projects, reduce disruptions, and reaching business objectives.

We assess compliance gaps, fill the voids, and manage the technology portion of compliance audits.

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