Keys to Cloud Security

Proper Cloud Solution Selection
Proper Cloud Configuration
Proper Cloud Data Protection
Cloud Backup and Recovery
Cloud Backup and Recovery Testing
Secure Access Control Management
Active Threat Monitoring
Policy Creation and Adherence

What is Cloud Management?

The selection and ongoing management, monitoring, and support of various cloud offerings available to businesses today.

Is Cloud management cost-effective?

In most cases, yes. Cloud computing and management are reasonably priced compared to hiring in-house staff who must manage servers, update software, and run backups. With a proper cloud strategy, businesses can experience significant savings.

What are the benefits of cloud IT for small to medium-sized businesses?

The advantages are numerous. They include:
  • Flexible access
  • Reduction in cost
  • Ease of collaboration
  • Improved security
  • Efficiency
  • Scalability

Let Us Manage All of Your Cloud IT Needs

We can manage all of your cloud IT needs. Small and medium-sized businesses can benefit from:

Cloud Security

A common misconception is that moving to the cloud removes most cybersecurity risks for businesses. Though the cloud does remove some of the direct physical security, the high risk of a compromise remains. BlueArmor’s cybersecurity expertise allows our clients to capitalize on the benefits of the cloud while limiting their business’s risk.

Cloud Backup

Backups are critical for businesses for many reasons, including recovering from ransomware, system or solution provider failure, or accidental deletion. Our experienced Engineers will architect a backup solution to fit your needs, implement and configure the backup solution, and test thoroughly to verify backup completion and quality. BlueArmor provides backups for your business suites (Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace), file servers, email servers, ERP or business operation software data, and most other data repositories.

Cloud Business Suites

BlueArmor provides both Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace licensing, management, monitoring, and ongoing support. In addition, our Engineers will provide guidance as to which solution is best for your business and aligned with your cybersecurity and operational efficiency goals.

Cloud File Storage

Deciding on the proper cloud file storage solution can be daunting. However, with many options available in the market, BlueArmor can help you select the one that best fits your business.  Questions to consider include:

Is the cloud storage offered with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace appropriate, or do you need to look at different offerings?

What are the cybersecurity limitations of these offerings, and which will your employees enjoy using the most?

Which solution will scale with your business for the foreseeable future?

Cloud Migrations

Whether it’s migrating from an on-premise server or from one cloud solution to another, our experienced Engineers are ready to manage your company’s migration with minimal impact on your daily activities.  Our proven process includes:

  1. Verification that all data migrates from the source to the final destination
  2. Minimal impact to employees – proper testing, pilots, communication, and training
  3. Minimal impact to business operations – after hours migrations, employee training and communication, and contingency plans

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