A Different Approach to Cybersecurity

In today’s interconnected cyber-world, your business’s success depends on the security of your digital systems. Unfortunately, the vast majority of companies operate under a false sense of cybersecurity.

BlueArmor’s unique business model provides small to medium-size businesses a sophisticated level of service, once only obtainable by larger companies.

Our 10 Point Process

  1. Initial project meeting: Identify stakeholders, define a testing plan, define employee communication plan, define the timeline.
  2. Data gathering, provisioning, and configuration
  3. Pre-pilot implementation testing
  4. Implementation with pilot groups
  5. Post-pilot implementation testing
  6. Employee communication delivered
  7. Pre-implementation testing
  8. Implementation execution: Afterhours
  9. Post-implementation testing: Afterhours
  10. Employee training: Next business day